Buford, GA


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our minimum for tattoos is $100.

We typically book out 2 to 3 months in advance.

Each artist charges either by the piece or by the hour.

Chris: $300/hr…  Madison: $200/hr…  Jacob: $100/hr…  Abigail: $100/hr… John: $150/hr

Yes, deposits are required to book an appointment.  If you no-call/no-show, you forfeit your deposit.  More details can be found on our DEPOSIT POLICY page.

Please refer to our AFTERCARE PAGE for detailed instructions.

If we spend time drawing your custom tattoo, that is time charged toward the total price of your tattoo. The rate for drawing and designing is half the hourly tattoo rate per artist.

For example: Chris spends 2 hours designing a sleeve for a client; that is time spent working on that clients’ project. That is 250.00 added to the cost of the total tattoo price.

Eat at least an hour before your tattoo appointment. If you haven’t eaten, snacks, candy, and drinks are provided as a courtesy.